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Jalen is by far the best management company in Brooklyn, if not all of NYC! Everybody who works here is a sweetheart… Any time I have had any sort of problem in the apartment, there are always there to help fix the problem ASAP, sometimes even that day!! They are super attentive and helpful and you could tell that they genuinely care about you and want you to live in the best conditions possible. Honestly I have nothing to say but wonderful things about them. They are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Maximilliano P.

Resident, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you to Barbara for going above and beyond to help me… You gave me so much of your time attention in the spirit of caring which is so rare. Your good deeds are noticed and make a great difference in the lives of others.

Anne M.

Condominium Owner, Queens, NY

I am a real estate agent in Manhattan and find it the exception to work with staff in management that are polite and go beyond to help. My first experience was with Barbara whom was very responsive and knowledgable and was a delight to deal with. She even responded to a question over the weekend instead of waiting to respond on her work day – this very much impressed me. I have also dealt with Michelle and Christine whom are both very professional.

Teresa W.

Realtor, Manhattan, NY

We have lived in our building for nearly 5 years now. Paula and her team are always quick to help with any kind of complaint. Anything from billing to noise, Jalen Management always does all they can to make sure we are comfortable. Thank you!

Michael T.

Resident, Brooklyn, NY

Michelle has been nothing but incredible with trying to help me resolve issues with my upstairs neighbors. She also helped me a great deal when I first purchased my condo. Her kindness, understanding and calm helped me from completely losing my mind. Her professionalism is excellent. She’ll go above and beyond to help when she senses there’s trouble.


Condominium Owner, Brooklyn, NY

Michelle, Thank you for always being helpful, responsive, and FUNNY. I appreciate your help as I sell my unit. Thank you for always being you and making my experience pleasant.

Alisa H.

Condo Owner, Brooklyn, NY

Jalen Management Company is a full service property management firm based in Brooklyn that has been servicing.

Barbara J.

I would like to salute Barbara L. at Jalen. She is my contact there and goes above and beyond in dedication to her job. Always knowledgeable and responsive, she is a pleasure to deal with. A+ Barbara!

Brendan H.


Thanks very much for being on top of things, as usual. Wishing a good weekend to you and staff.
Rita S.

Just had my 1000th great experience with Jalen Management, and felt compelled to write this review. Barbara at Jalen Management is just plain awesome. I am sure everyone over there is very good but I mostly deal with Barbara. I have been dealing with Jalen Management for about 20 years. I am a real estate broker. I have dealt with many different management agents over the 20 plus years I have been in business. Very few are as good as Jalen Management, and even smaller amount have employees like Barbara. Barbara goes above and beyond to let you know she takes her job seriously and holds herself accountable. Whenever I reach out to Barbara I get clear concise answers in a timely fashion. This allows me to do a great job for the buyers and sellers I represent. In the end it is for them not me. It does not matter the reason for my call or email, she is always responsive. The most recent dealings I had with her was today, literally just now, I am the listing agent. The buyers loan officer called me frantic, she cannot get something from Jalen. I literally said, “I dont believe you.” And hung up. I sent an email to Barbara, it is Friday at 2PM, and less than 15 mins later I have exactly what I need. I forward it to the loan officer. I told her, “It is impossible that you contact Jalen and in 24 hours or less you dont have what you need or an answer on how to get it.” I know that I can speak for the many buyers and sellers I have represented over the years and say, Thank you Barbara, really. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate you and your efforts. I know the buyers and sellers do as well, but you make things go so seamlessly that they may not even know to say thank you by writing a review. I believe your a part of the reason why Jalen manages so many places.

Gregory S.

Real Estate Broker, Flushing, NY

I found out yesterday that my checking account was compromised. I immediately called the office to advise. Alondra answered the phone and was so supportive and offered her guidance to sign up for Click Pay which I did last night and submitted my payment. Alondra is the true meaning of customer service and I am very grateful for her.

I’m very grateful for the support that I’ve received from Jalen Management in the eight years that I have lived in one of their buildings. Christine has been tremendously helpful from the day that I moved in. She is always responsive and reliable – a beautiful person inside and out. Recently, my bathroom was in desperate need of a renovation. Christine put me in touch with Barbara who was both personable and professional. Thanks to her quick response, I was soon contact by the contractor, Vadim, and within two weeks I had the bathroom of my dreams! Big thanks to Christine for all of her support over the years, Barbara for her quick and efficient response, Vadim and his team for the beautiful work, and Paula for making it happen. I look forward to many more years working with Jalen and grateful to have such a positive experience – thank you!

Alona G.

Resident, Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to let you know we have moved out and are currently on the way to our new home. I would like to tell you that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you and knowing you and I truly hope our paths cross again in some way in the future! Thank you for everything ❤️
All the best now and always.
Margarita & Matthew

  Quick response was great.

Noreen Black

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